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Tuscan Living
Breathing Life into Brick & Stone

Rural Restoration Management and Curated Interiors in Tuscany

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Tuscan Living
Breathing Life into Brick & Stone

Thinking of Buying or Own a Property in Tuscany?

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Tuscan Living
Breathing Life into Brick & Stone

Sourcing materials and Artisans for your project

If you own or are buying a home in Tuscany then we are here for you

Property Project Management


We’re not real estate agents, architects or interior designers, but we work with them and with you too.

We provide a complete bilingual service in Italian-English for rural property restoration.

Together we can help you achieve your aspirations and realize that dream, using the best artisans and true craftsmen; decorators, carpenters, iron forgers that Tuscany is famed for combined with our local knowledge for product sourcing.

If you'd like to discuss what we can do to help you, book a call today.

Curating art and furniture for your project

Experts at Sourcing


Italy is renowned for its creativity & design which span from Roman artifacts, 16th century antiques to midcentury modern and architectural salvage; we have a tight network of contacts all over the country and have access to an extensive and varied inventory.

Tuscany is rich in natural resources and wonderful craftsmen, whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation. They take enormous pride in the smallest detail of their work and are happy to build, design or create bespoke pieces. .

So whether you prefer fine and rare antiques or funky Italian 20th century design, are looking for special decorations for your home, or just enjoy finding a great bargain to remember your trip, we know just the place to go.

Curating art and furniture for your project

Curated Art


Italy has been home to some of the greatest artists, sculptors and creative genius’ of the world and still today is an insatiable font for art and artefacts. We really are spoilt for choice. It is perhaps this that overwhelms and paralysis, quite apart from knocking holes in walls, overall it can be an intimidating experience. With our diverse experience, we can help you by sourcing and curating art for your walls. We also can help you with framing, a fundamental element of a piece of art.

No room is complete without art on the walls, whether they be old masters, oversized contemporary, amateur watercolours, prints or merely objects grouped together. In whichever case, the difference between randomly thrown together or carefully curated, whatever the style does not go by unnoticed.

a complete property development package

What we offer

Here's what we can do for you...

Project management

Advice & help in the planning and management of the restoration of Tuscan rural buildings

Source local craftsmen

We have a well-established team of known professionals from local artisans and contractors to architects and surveyors.

Competitive estimates

Assist in securing competitive estimates.

Sourcing materials

Sourcing materials from tiles and taps, to doors and drapes

Deliveries and installations

We can be on the ground to follow deliveries and installaitions for you


We can translate and interpret for you
Why it came to be...

About us

Tuscan Living is an Italian-based company, built on over twenty years of experience in property restoration and design in Tuscany. We specialize in guiding foreign property owners in the restoration and interior design of rural properties; an important and intricate collaboration of trust and understanding based on individual needs to create beautiful and functional homes.

Working with a team of carefully selected associates, each chosen for their particular skills and experience, Tuscan Living is able to offer a comprehensive service for the restoration of rural properties; from project managing and refurbishing, sourcing materials, to interior and exterior design.

Susan Pennington ‘British by birth, mid Atlantic by nature and Italian by adoption’.

A fateful trip to Tuscany led Susan astray, leaving a successful career as a specialist at a British Auction House in New York City. She found herself on a beautiful 2000 acre estate just outside of Siena, and through a series of unforeseen events the planned four months turned into a longer and more involved project that anticipated... the development and management of the restoration of a hamlet for rural hospitality. This led to requests to help others co-ordinate the restoration and decoration of old rural buildings for private dwellings and the birth of Tuscan Living.

Susan’s passion for antiques and decorative arts has also led her to work with dealers and designers from across the globe, helping them to curate collections of Italian furniture and decorative arts for their clients both at home and abroad, as well as hosting small, select bespoke groups for Tuscan lifestyle tours.

Examples of recent work

Some of our projects

For many walking into an abandoned building is overwhelming, flooded by the sensation of the space you wanted but don’t know what to do with, where to start?

For us, an empty shell is exactly what we relish: a canvas on which to envision the possibilities to create into a home. We also enjoy the second, more detailed phase of decorating, helping to collect and place pieces that bring a space to life.

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